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New Anger and Frustration Management Group Forming at The Midtown Practice

Posted on: October 2nd, 2020 by Julia Samton, MD

Azat Oganesian, LCSW talks all about the New Anger and Frustration Management Group that they are forming on the Midtown Practice’s YouTube channel.

See Full Video Here


Transcript of video:

“Hello, my name is Azat Oganesian and I’m excited to tell you about a new group we’re starting at The Midtown Practice. It’s called the Anger and Frustration Management Group. Now, everyone’s experienced in their life not knowing how to express their emotions or having a hard time controlling their emotions, their anger and frustration, and very stressful situations. Now, there’s a very common misconception that we’re supposed to know as human beings exactly what to do in those kind of situations and reality is that most of us don’t. In this group, I’ll teach you different tools that you can use to better understand your emotions and to better express your emotions, to learn about the cycle of anger and frustration, to learn about different mindfulness tools that you can use different grounding tools, to better express yourself, to achieve your goals in your personal life and professional life and to have an overall better communication style and quality of life.”

The group traditionally meets on Wednesday evenings from 6-7 p.m. throughout the year. Please contact Azat for more information.