About The Midtown Practice

Committed, confidential, and professional.

TMP understands that positive mental health is what it takes to thrive and grow in our modern society.  

The Midtown Practice provides professional psychotherapy and pharmacology services in Midtown Manhattan. We employ seasoned and trained professionals to deal with both the internal and external problems we face in todays world. wWe avoid a passive, neutral approach, and work actively and collaboratively  to help you live a life unencumbered by negative thought patterns and behaviors. Our experts will develop a plan exclusively for you, remaining accountable and engaged at every step of the way. We understand that life presents its difficulties, but that does not mean you need to face and struggle with them alone.

Our Approach

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf” -Jon Kabat-Zinn

At TMP, we select for experienced  professionals with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and styles so that we can match each client with a customized approach directly suited to what he or she is experiencing. We do not judge or measure you against others. We work with you individually, providing the right mixture of support and technique to help you live with greater ease and fulfillment. 

Our clients come to us for a wide variety of  reasons. Some are facing a specific problem or stressor, others have received a psychiatric diagnosis, while still others describe feeling unfulfilled in their careers, relationships or simply have a general sense that “something is missing.”  At TMP we strive to understand what it is like to be YOU, and use our compassion and expertise to guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Our goal is to simultaneously help you gain resiliency and flexibility to manage life’s difficulties, while developing a stronger sense of what you value most.  We see therapy as a collaborative process, requiring frequent check ins to assure accountability and improvement in identified areas of growth. 

 Dozens of studies have shown that the “therapeutic alliance,” or the relationship between a mental health provider and patient, is the most critical factor in treatment success. With this in mind, beginning with your first communication with TMP,  we work towards helping you develop a genuine bond with your clinician. Every potential client receives an initial call from one of our clinicians. We want to learn more about what you are experiencing, and hear any thoughts you have about the type of treatment and/or clinician with whom you might feel most comfortable. Some of our clients prefer a therapist skilled in a particular technique or area of expertise, while others seek a more generally supportive listener. We will also clarify  if you are interested in working with a professional who can advise on or prescribe psychiatric medications, seeking a psychotherapist, or both. At TMP, we have the flexibility to provide you with a selection of different treatment styles and modalities all under one roof. We believe that our ability to identify and match you with a clinician whose background, style and expertise fit your personal experience is what truly sets us apart.

Who We Are

The Midtown Practice (TMP) is a professional psychotherapy and psychiatry practice in Midtown Manhattan NYC. TMP was started by Drs. Dan Goodman and Julia Samton, two Ivy League psychiatrists and long-time friends who came together to create a group practice of skilled clinicians offering a broad range of services to an expanded clientele.  

Together, our group of psychotherapists and psychopharmacologists are committed to helping clients live with greater fulfillment, vitality and peace of mind. 

Curiosity, warmth, flexibility, compassion, and professionalism are essential personal characteristic of our clinicians. Our team is particularly committed to staying abreast of the latest research and clinical techniques, continually working on improving our skills and expertise to ensure our clients receive the best and most effective possible care.

What We Treat

Who hasn’t at one time or another felt stuck with distressing thoughts or feelings, caught up in nonproductive or even counterproductive behaviors, or trapped in an apparently unworkable situation? We treat most psychiatric conditions or simply help you deal with the struggles and difficulties that are part of the human condition and yet made more difficult by our often chaotic and confusing modern world.  

We can help with a wide range of common issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and attention deficit (ADD/ADHD), amongst others, as well as help you navigate complex and highly personal diagnoses. Some further examples of what we treat include: relationship difficulties or family or other interpersonal challenges; frustration at work or career issues; grief or loss; trauma; eating disorders; emotional distress; a tricky transition; or troublesome habits. 

Some of our clients have been suffering for days, weeks, or months, while others have struggled for years or even decades.  No matter how longstanding your issues, we will meet you wherever you are with confidence that we can help you to work towards what you value most. We work with adults across the lifespan, from ages 18-118, in order to live a life of greater ease and fulfillment.

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