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Corporate Psych

Providing Corporate Psych in NYC

The Midtown Practice is pleased to offer psychological services to companies sensitive to the mental health needs of their employees. There have been countless studies that document the negative effects of stress and psychological disorders on both individual employees and the organizational cultures overall.

Furthermore, poor mental health contributes to employee absences and diminishes attention, leading to decreased productivity even when physically present at work. Prolonged stress also suppresses immunity and exacerbates both acute and chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and autoimmune issues. Lastly, without proper care, those suffering from psychological distress often engage in self destructive habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, and overeating.

The Midtown Practice offers both in person as well as telepsych visits, using HIPAA compliant video software, so employees can access our skilled providers in a manner that is convenient and accessible. Currently, we have two separate plans available to employers who wish to provide our services to their employees.

Per-Person Packages

This is our most flexible option. Employers will choose to provide their employees with a certain number of visits. Packages are offered in increments of five, ie 5, 10, 15, 20 sessions etc. If any employees choose to continue treatment beyond the treatments offered by the employer, the employee will then be financially responsible for their own visits. The price per 5 session package is $1,250.00. A lot of benefit can be obtained, when coping with stressors, with a limited number of sessions such as 5 or 10.

Dedicated Therapist

Employers might choose to have a therapist dedicated and assigned specifically to their employees. This option is appropriate if your business has experienced a collective trauma such as a sudden loss, natural event, or if a business is dedicated to improving the overall corporate culture. In this model, a dedicated therapist is assigned to your company and will reserve 8 or more hours a week for your employees. Employees will have guaranteed access to their therapist, who will not book any other appointments during dedicated hours. The price is discounted from the normal per session rate of $250/session to a per diem rate of $1,500/day/clinician.

Dr. Julia Samton and her team at The Midtown Practice have provided invaluable counseling to many of our employees. Our relationship with The Midtown Practice began during the pandemic when so many people were struggling with health and mental wellness. The Midtown Practice made it easy for all of our employees to access exceptional psychiatrists and therapists in a confidential manner. Our employees value this unique healthcare benefit so much that it helped contribute to Urban Edge Properties being awarded “One of the Best Places to Work in the State of New Jersey” by NJBIZ Magazine. Jeff Olson – Chairman and CEO, Urban Edge Properties (an NYSE-listed Real Estate Investment Trust)