Azat Oganesian, LCSW

Azat believes that therapy is most successful when a collaborative and tailored approach is used. After forming a therapeutic alliance and gaining a better understanding of his individual client, he provides tools to navigate negative emotions and realize psychological growth. Drawing from a range of traditions, he works with his clients to build resilience and flexibility while reducing destructive patterns of behavior. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, and supportive psychotherapy are some of the approaches Azat uses to help his clients gain a better understanding of their emotions, reactions, personal values, and goals. Above all, Azat prioritizes building a trusting and nonjudgmental relationship with his clients where they are safe to express themselves freely. He believes that acceptance and compassion provide a bedrock for psychological growth and personal wisdom to occur.

Azat has a master’s degree from New York University Silver School of Social Work, bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and training in modern psychoanalysis. He has expertise in several areas including anger management, depression, panic, anxiety, stress management, problem solving, and trauma. Azat is also fluent in Russian and has experience working with Russian-speaking clients.

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Azat Oganesian LCSW

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