Julia Samton, MD

Julia’s board certification in Neurology and Psychiatry provides a unique perspective of both brain and mind. Her expertise combines a deep knowledge of neuroscience with more than a decade of clinical work.

After graduating medical school from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1998, Julia pursued residency training in Neurology and Psychiatry at New York Weill Cornell Medical Center. Julia’s unique dual board certification gives her perspective on both the medical and emotional aspects of the brain and mind. Her clinical expertise combines a deep scientific knowledge of neuroscience with more than a decade of clinical work. She has experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of psychiatric conditions with a range of psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic approaches. She customizes her approach according to the individual needs of each client, combining aspects of her diverse training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In working with clients who are candidates for psychopharmacology, her knowledge of the brain pathways and neurotransmitters implicated in mood and behavior helps her select medications with optimal benefit and minimal side effects.

After years of working with urban professionals to cope with the stresses of modern life, Julia was inspired to pursue studies in the science and application of mindfulness and meditation. She participated in multiple trainings at the Omega, Kripalu, and Mindsight Institutes, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training, and a 100 hour Meditation Teacher Training Workshop. She teaches meditation and mindfulness to individuals, instructing them to use these skills to improve self-awareness and overall wellbeing. She has also brought her knowledge to the organizational level where she lectures to community and corporate audiences on the application of mindfulness to psychological and physical health, professional performance, communication, and relationships.

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