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Our Approach

We Welcome YOU

We do not judge or measure you against others. We work with you individually, providing the right mixture of support and technique to help you live with greater ease and fulfillment. Our clients come to us for a wide variety of reasons.

Some are facing a specific problem or stressor, others have received a psychiatric diagnosis, while still others describe feeling unfulfilled in their careers, relationships or simply have a general sense that “something is missing.”

We Understand YOU

At TMP we strive to understand what it is like to be YOU, and use our expertise and compassion to guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Our goal is to simultaneously help you gain resiliency and flexibility to manage life’s difficulties, while developing a stronger sense of what you value most. We see therapy as a collaborative process, requiring frequent check-ins to mutually assure accountability and improvement in the identified areas.

We love learning about others, making human connections, and enjoying the rewarding experience of helping people live with more vitality, joy, and ease.

Therapeutic Alliance

Dozens of studies have shown that the “therapeutic alliance,” or the relationship between a mental health provider and client, is the most critical factor in treatment success. With this in mind, beginning with your first communication with TMP, we work towards helping you develop a genuine bond with your clinician. Before treatment even begins, every potential client receives an initial call from one of our clinicians so that we can figure out which clinician and treatment approach offers you the greatest potential for improvement and growth.

Our Approach

We want to learn more about what you are experiencing, and hear any thoughts you have about the type of treatment and/or clinician with whom you might feel most comfortable. Some of our clients prefer a therapist skilled in a particular technique or area of expertise, while others seek a supportive clinician who will help them using a range of approaches depending on the issues arising.

We will also clarify if you are interested in working with a professional who can advise on or prescribe psychiatric medications, seeking a psychotherapist, or both. At TMP, we have the flexibility to provide you with a selection of different treatment styles and modalities all under one roof. We believe that our ability to identify and match you with a clinician whose background, style and expertise fit your personal experience is what truly sets us apart.