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The Midtown Practice’s team of Ivy League educated therapist has decades of collective experience in diverse settings. All of our therapists have expertise in several therapeutic approaches and can work with you to determine which approach best fits your needs. Some of the specific scientifically supported treatments in which we have expertise include:

Each Client is Truly Unique

There are many roads to empowerment. From therapy to meditation to the latest psychopharmacological innovations, we offer multidisciplinary expertise which allows us flexibility to tailor your treatment, as well as, change course if you or we do not see sufficient results.

Since excellent therapy requires an individualized approach, our therapists are selected for their diverse skills and comprehensive training in a variety of modalities. We offer evidence-based and cutting-edge treatments, ranging from traditional and newer psychotherapies to mindfulness meditation to modern psychopharmacology.

Together with you, we will develop a customized strategy to improve whatever you are experiencing and help you achieve a fuller and more rewarding life.