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Call us (212-286-8801) or use this form to set up an initial brief consultation. During your first call with us, we will want to learn more about you, what you are experiencing, and the kind of help you are seeking. If relevant, we might ask about your history and any prior treatment or diagnosis.

Once we have a better understanding of you and the struggles you are facing, we will match you with an appropriate clinician. Our primary goal is to find a good fit in terms of expertise as well as style and chemistry, so you can begin to build a connection and make strides as quickly as possible.

Please note: that we do not take insurance in most cases. Click the toggle to read more.

TMP reserves a limited number of appointments for those using in-network insurance benefits. Please contact us directly to check your eligibility and the availability of these appointments.

We do not participate in Medicare nor Medicaid. If we cannot accommodate your in-network benefits and you have “out-of-network” benefits, we will help you, if you like, apply for reimbursement from your insurance company by providing you with a receipt that you can submit for out of network benefits.

Since every insurance plan is different, you may want to call your insurance company directly to ask how much you will be reimbursed for your visit. It might be helpful to supply the insurance company with the specific codes we use for our initial therapy visit (CPT code 90791) and for follow-up visits (CPT code 90834). For visits with our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, we use for our initial visit (CPT code 90792) and follow-up visits (CPT code 99214).

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