Navigating Trauma with
Cognitive Processing Therapy

What is Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)?

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is an evidence-based treatment for those suffering from trauma- and other stressor-related disorders such as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. CPT, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), is based in Cognitive Theory, or the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behavior. In CPT, clients learn to identify their “stuck points”, those deeply rooted beliefs about themselves, others and the world which have been impacted by the traumatic events they have experienced. Once identified, these beliefs will be challenged using skills learned and practiced in session and in between sessions using visual learning tools such as readings and worksheets. This written work, based in neuroscience, allows the rational part of the brain to take over from the emotional part, to aid in healing past trauma. The brain is literally rewired, allowing past traumatic events to be processed and integrated, leading to a more mindful, present-focused experience of life for survivors of trauma and alleviating many of the most disruptive and distressing symptoms of trauma such as irritability, intrusive thoughts, hypervigilance, loss of sleep and trouble concentrating.

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