Are you easily frustrated? Find yourself blowing up over the small stuff more often than you’d like.

We asked Azat Oganesian, LCSW, to share some of his best tips for Anger Management that he suggests helping individuals self-regulate and calm down.

  1. Take a deep breath and exhale before you say anything you can’t take back.
  2. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person angering you.
  3. Step away and put cold water on your face, and then return to continue the interaction.
  4. Ask yourself:  “Am I effectively achieving my goals in this conversation?”
  5. Start your statements about what’s bothering you with “I feel…”
  6. Ask yourself: “What is the more vulnerable emotion behind my anger?”
  7. Don’t use generalizations about the other person.
  8. Think of the consequences of poor anger management to temper the intensity of the anger.
  9. Count down from 50 to 0 instead of acting out.
  10. Always remember: anger is a normal feeling. It’s all about how we express it.
If you or someone you know would benefit from learning to manage Stress or is in need of Anger Management therapy, we invite you to contact our Clinical Coordinator to learn more about our team and our services.


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