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The Impact of Grief on Young Adults: Understanding Trauma and Seeking Support

  Losing a loved one is among the most challenging experiences an individual ever confronts. And when you lose a loved one – especially a parent, sibling, or spouse – as a young adult, those emotions tend to be...read more

Children and Adolescents

Why Are Kids So Stressed Today?

  Stress is part of daily life no matter one’s age, and children and teens are not immune. With each passing year, life seems to move faster and become more complicated. The stakes seem to get higher, and even...read more

Anger Management

10 Tips for Managing Your Anger

Are you easily frustrated? Find yourself blowing up over the small stuff more often than you’d like. We asked Azat Oganesian, LCSW, to share some of his best tips for Anger Management that he suggests helping individuals self-regulate and...read more


Your Child is Diagnosed with ADHD, Now What?

  Sophia was at work when her phone rang. She looked down at the caller-id and immediately felt a pit in her stomach. It was Jack’s school again. What was it this time? His inability to wait his turn...read more


How to Talk to Your Teen about Suicide

Let’s Talk Statistics The pandemic has brought many aspects of mental health, not often previously addressed, in open conversation. The topic of teenage suicide that was not commonly discussed, is now often in the news. If you are the...read more

Lifestyle Medicine

Six Tips to Prioritize Your Health and Wellness this Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be a time of cheerful celebrations, so why are so many of us left feeling stressed and exhausted when the merriment ends? After years of helping clients navigate the simultaneous highs and lows of...read more