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Explore the transformative power of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) at The Midtown Practice (TMP), where we specialize in equipping teens with the skills they need to navigate the complex emotional landscape of adolescence. DBT offers a unique approach that combines accepting their feelings with learning effective strategies for personal growth and resilience.

What your teen is going through. 

Adolescence is a challenging time filled with emotional ups and downs, social pressures, and big questions about identity and the future. Teens often feel overwhelmed by their feelings and situations, which can lead to mood changes, pulling away from family and friends, arguments, and sometimes even risky choices. Parents see these struggles and want to help but might not always know the best way to do so.

This is where Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) comes in as a helpful resource. DBT provides teens and their families with strategies to better handle these tough times. It teaches teens how to understand and manage their emotions, improve their relationships, and deal with stress in a healthy way. With DBT, teens learn to balance their feelings and thoughts, helping them navigate through adolescence more smoothly.

Why Choose DBT for Your Teen?


  • Balance and Understanding: DBT equips teens with the ability to understand and accept their emotions, laying a stable foundation for positive changes in their thoughts and behaviors.
  • Practical Coping Strategies: It arms them with concrete skills to effectively manage stress, navigate emotional upheavals, and foster healthier interactions with peers and family.
  • Embracing Complexity: DBT encourages teens to appreciate life’s complexities, promoting ‘both-and’ thinking to balance and find harmony in opposing viewpoints.

Through a blend of emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and mindfulness strategies, DBT offers a comprehensive toolkit for teens. It empowers them to manage their emotions, build strong relationships, navigate stress healthily, and live more mindfully, setting the stage for enduring emotional health and resilience.

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We’re pleased you are here, and we’re committed to finding the right person to help you with your mental health.

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