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What You Can Gain From Trying Dry January

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

Dr. Julia Samton and other experts weigh in on what actually happens when you skip alcohol for a month.

The Cognitive Impact of Long COVID: What Can Psychologists Do

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

Dr. Julia Samton explains the science behind what causes long Covid and gives insight into other research that COVID’s effects on the brain may persist for years.

54 Possible Effects of Physical and Emotional Rejection in Childhood

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

Dr. Julia Samton details the effects of short-term effects of rejection and steps you can take to grow more loving relationships.

6 Ways To Build Self-Esteem, According To Experts

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

Dr. Julia Samton discusses the importance of physical activity and other tools to improve self-esteem in this article for Forbes.

3 Ways to Finally Beat the Sunday Scaries

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

1 in 3 people experience the Sunday Scaries – that anxious feeling you get prior to a new work week. Dr. Julia Samton breaks down a few easy steps you can take to maximize your Sunday nights.

Feeling Stuck? Try This Simple Problem-Solving Technique

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

When faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem at work, the tendency is to retreat and turn inward. Dr. Julia Samton explains the steps you should take to stay grounded and find the best solution.

Five Daily Habits of People Who Age Well

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

We occasionally come across an individual who embraces the aging process and maintains their physical health and a positive attitude across their lifespan. Is it magic or luck that allows those lucky few to continually hit their prime and surpass it? Thankfully, science has suggested some accessible habits that deliver a drink from the fountain of youth.

The Neuroscience of Compassion

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

As a practicing psychiatrist, I am often asked if I see an uptick of anxiety when the political world experiences upheaval. My answer is, without hesitation, yes. The overall culture of negativity and uncertainty has affected many Americans in insidious ways. We can look to neuroscience to understand how these modern day triggers dismantle a rational mind.

The Four Most Difficult Personalities and How to Deal with Them

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

We all have our ways of dealing with conflict in our relationships, but the rules change in the workplace. We cannot simply avoid a hostile boss. It would be inappropriate to motivate an unproductive employee with an ice cream cone. When confronted with personality quirks in the office, we need to maintain composure and act according to best practices.

How To Use Your Brain to Control Your Mind

Featuring Dr. Julia Samton

Knowledge of the functions of the two hemispheres and the importance of integration can help you tackle challenging interpersonal dynamics and finesse even the most difficult interactions.

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