More valuable than any accolade or award are the kind words of our patients. Our primary goal is the health and wellbeing of our patients and their testimonials are greatly appreciated.

Dr. Julia Samton and her team at The Midtown Practice have provided invaluable counseling to many of our employees. Our relationship with The Midtown Practice began during the pandemic when so many people were struggling with health and mental wellness. The Midtown Practice made it easy for all of our employees to access exceptional psychiatrists and therapists in a confidential manner. Our employees value this unique healthcare benefit so much that it helped contribute to Urban Edge Properties being awarded “One of the Best Places to Work in the State of New Jersey” by NJBIZ Magazine.

Jeff Olson – Chairman and CEO, Urban Edge Properties (an NYSE-listed Real Estate Investment Trust)

As a neurologist in an active, academic, medical practice, I have referred many patients to The Midtown Practice, and I will continue to recommend the practice highly to my patients, and also to physician colleagues who may need to refer patients to an excellent psychiatrist, and/or for meaningful, personalized, and effective psychotherapy. This group is exceptional. 

Bridget C. – Google Reviews

As a clinical psychologist, many of my clients seek referrals for medication. Drs. Dan Goodman and Julia Sampton are exceptional treaters. They are experts who deeply care about their clients. I am thrilled to recommend Midtown Practice. 

Jenny T. – Google Reviews

I have worked collaboratively with Dr. Samton for over 15 years and have sent many patients to her during this time. Dr. Samton’s diagnostic and clinical acumen combined with her compassionate perspective are an invaluable resource for many individuals seeking psychiatric treatment. She continues to stay on top of her field’s cutting edge modalities, providing her patients with the best care possible. It is notable that she has dedicated her life to understanding how she can best serve others and she practices what she teaches. Consistently, the feedback I get from clients is that she is not only a highly educated and knowledgeable professional, but she is authentic as well. I unequivocally recommend Dr. Samton’s professional services. 

Nicole S. – Google Reviews

Dr. Goodman saw me during a medication transition, where I was coming off of a SSRI to another as I was no longer responding to it. I was also on a benzodiazepine and I was exhausted all the tome. I was at a low point for over 2 years, gained 15 pounds – my anxiety was getting out of hand. Dr. Goodman took the time to speak with me from a psychopharmacological perspective, assessed my current medications, and offered alternatives that could help in conjunction with cognitive therapy I was receiving. I am now in an incredible spot in my life. I have the energy back, my anxiety is at an all time low, and I’ve lost the weight. Bottom line: if you want to make a change in your life, and work with a professional who will listen, be patient with you, and give you the tools to get your life back on track, I highly recommend you make an appointment. You must put in the work, feel uncomfortable, and challenge yourself. If you do, Dr. Goodman will get you back on track. 

William W. – ZocDoc

I have been working with Dr. Dan Goodman for well over 10 years and cannot speak highly enough of him. He is patient, caring, warm, attentive, compassionate and utterly professional. He is an excellent communicator and always reachable. Dr. Goodman is an excellent diagnostician and truly looks at cases through a holistic lens leading to much more effective, thorough treatment and long term success. Treatment is very much a partnership with him and I have never trusted a medical practitioner more. He is truly an outstanding psychiatrist and I highly recommend him. 

NZ – ZocDoc

Dr. Goodman has a very calm demeanor, plenty of empathy and a warm way of communicating, with a keen eye for the least little detail. He is conservative in treatment plans but always willing to adjust medications as needed. In addition, he embraces holistic practices, from meditation to brain exercises. I’ve been seeing him for years and trust him absolutely. He takes lots of notes and you always know that you’re not just another person taking up a designated slot in his schedule. He really cares! He listens carefully, asks intelligent questions, and I’ve found him to be spot on with every suggestion. Having seen several other professionals, I can confidently state that Dr. Goodman is the one to choose above the rest. Without dictating, he always works WITH the patient, so you can feel sure you’re participating fully in your own treatment as a partner.

DB – ZocDoc

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Dr. Julia Samton for the past 17 years. Dr. Samton and I are both trained as neuropsychiatrists, and I hold her in the highest possible regard. Her scientific knowledge and clinical judgement are superior, and her ability to relate to patients is exceptional. She is compassionate, highly motivated, and uniquely talented. There are few practicing clinicians in the country, let alone New York City, capable of understanding the brain and its intricacies better than Dr. Samton. Importantly, Dr. Samton is able to synthesize this knowledge into pragmatic and solution-oriented patient care. I have referred Dr. Samton patients for years, and always have the utmost confidence in her ability to deliver the highest quality care. I can recommend Dr. Samton without reservation to any person in need of neuropsychiatric valuation, psychopharmacological management and/or psychotherapy. She is truly one of a kind.

Bruce L. – Google Reviews

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