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Meet therapist Holly Alderman, LCSW. Holly provides individual and group psychotherapy to people throughout the lifespan. Holly works with individuals couples and families to support through the ups and downs of the human experience – from coping with difficult emotions, to navigating interpersonal relationships to navigating transitions. Her approach to treatment is collaborative, strengths based and relational, focusing on empowering individuals to better understand themselves and build deeper connections with others.

While she tailors her approach to the particular needs and style of the person or people in the room, Holly draws from a wide range of therapeutic approaches, from psychodynamic to behavioral. She has advanced training in ACT, CBTDBT, and EFT, all of which inform her individual and couple/family approach. Her work focuses on issues in families and relationships, challenges with parenting, and individual struggles with mood, life transitions, and the process of changing behaviors related to anxiety, depression, and the exploration of identity.

Holly received her BA in Psychology from Brown University, her MSW from Columbia University, and completed post-graduate training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She worked previously as a Middle School Social Worker in Brooklyn and as a clinician with the Supporting Healthy Relationships Program at Montefiore Medical Center, a federally funded marriage and relationship education and counseling program for couples. Holly was also a clinician with the Healthy Moms and Babies Program at Montefiore Medical Center, a federally funded intervention to support new and expecting mothers with a history of substance abuse.

Holly’s therapeutic goal is to provide a safe space where individuals, couples and families can feel truly heard, validated and challenged to make meaningful changes in their individual and relational lives. She views treatment as a collaborative and evolving process that empowers people to find inner strength and hope as they work towards meeting their goals.

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